Pension For Unemployment In Old Age Or Old Age, How To Process It?

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Do you know what steps you should take to apply to the Mexican Social Security Institute for your pension? Know the details

If you are 60 years of age or older , you were insured in the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and you have completed at least 500 or 1,250 weeks of contributions either through the Social Security Act 1973 or 1997, respectively, and your rights they are valid under the Mandatory Regime of the Law , you can request the Unemployment pension in Old Age or the pension for Old Age if you are 65 years old .

Currently under Chapter VI of the Social Security Act (LSS) is regulated regarding retirement insurance, unemployment in old age and old age, as well as the corresponding benefits of this branch of insurance that results in the payment of pension for these concepts.

The pension for purposes of the above, is a payment, temporary or lifelong, that a person receives when he is in some case established by the aforementioned provisions as mentioned below:

a) Unemployment in Advanced Age

That the insured is 60 years old and has been discharged under the mandatory Social Security scheme.

b) Old age

That the insured is 65 years old and has been removed from the mandatory Social Security scheme.


Documents that you must present in the Family Medicine Unit or in the Sub-delegation of affiliation to request and process the pension for unemployment in old age or old age:

Documents of the insured:

Documents of the insured:

I. In original or certified copy, accompanied by a simple copy for comparison:

  1. Official identification with photograph and signature.
  2. Any document or means of identification issued by the IMSS, the INFONAVIT or an AFORE, which contains the Social Security Number and the name of the insured or pensioner.
  3. Proof of address, provided that its date of issue is not older than three months prior to the submission of the application.
  4. Single Registry of Population Registry (CURP), simple copy or printing of the same obtained through the Internet page of the National Registry of Population, except in the cases in which the applicant has a different nationality from the Mexican one and resides abroad . It may also be accepted to satisfy this requirement, the presentation of the ADIMSS credential containing the CURP data.
  5. Account statement, printout obtained from the AFORE website that manages the individual account or contract signed with the AFORE, no more than six months prior to the date of the request for the pension or the financial benefit of concerned, only if the insured was quoted as of July 1, 1997.
  6. Proof of inscription of the insured in the Federal Taxpayers Registry, with homoclave to 13 positions, through the presentation of any of the following documents:
    • Proof of registration in the Federal Taxpayers Registry.
    • Tax Identification Card.
    • Proof of salary payment, Account Statement of your AFORE Individual Account, tax invoice issued to your favor, in general, any document that contains said data.
  7. Document issued by the credit institution authorized by the Institute, within the circumscription in question, in which the account number and Standardized Bank Code (CLABE) are identified, in favor of the applicant to receive the payment of the pension.

II.- In original or certified copy, which will remain in the file:

Certified copy of the Birth Certificate, Adoption or Recognition Certificate, issued by:

  • The offices or courts of the Civil Registry of the corresponding Federal Entity or of Mexico City.
  • The Consular Representations of Mexico.
  • Foreign government.